The Railgun is a unique and powerful in-game rifle that the player can craft with 30 Steel, 20 Machine Parts, and 10 Blueprints, that uses energy as ammo. To obtain energy, simply walk up to a battery with your railgun equipped to take a fraction of the battery's charge for 100 energy. Each shot with the Railgun takes 1 energy, and each clip has 10 "bullets" per clip.

The Railgun is an interesting weapon due to the fact that its ammo is easy to obtain and does a very good amount of damage per shot (190 damage), which is enough to one-shot most common zombies, and two-shot most special zombies. Because of its slow fire rate, however, the Railgun is not the best once you progress further into the game due to its lack of crowd control, so it is recommended to use for bosses later on in the game. The Stungun is the alternative to the Railgun, with it using 1 energy per clip and having the ability to attack multiple zombies at once and attack zombies through walls.